Our Site Review will:

  • include a site visit and site evaluation by the architects at EEKOS enabling you to personally discuss the parameters and aspirations of your project.


  • include project relevant regulations, approvals processes and determine other secondary consultants that may be required.​

  • Identify the project constraints, challenges and opportunities

  • Help you determine the scope of services you need and provide an overview of the process

  • Include a budget overview for the project including other consultants and local authority approvals

  • Include an indicative timeline for the completed project

  • Include a meeting to present you with the package


  • Provide you with a brief based on your information


  • Allows for site location within 30minutes of office.

Once completed you will have a solid foundation to proceed with your design regardless of the architecture firm you hire to move forward with.

The Site Review cost is $1200 + GST and is 'pre-paid' (will be invoiced prior to our site visit with 50% of the fee required prior to the site visit). The Site Review is for residential and interior design customers - please contact us here if you would like to book a Site Review relating to a Commercial or Placemaking project.

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