Are you missing out? New sub-division opportunities in Perth could provide great returns.

Sub division sites in Morley Western Australia

Image: A number of sites in Morley Western Australia that may offer some great development potential for the owner.

With changes in the zoning of areas such as Morley and Scarborough, it’s an exciting time to look at ways your can redevelop your property to maximise your return on investment (ROI) - but it’s vital to get it right from the very beginning of your investigation.

Zoning essentially impacts the size of and number of houses you’re allowed to build on your property and in older suburbs, block sizes were very large compared to today’s standards. Where these blocks are located close to city centres and transport hubs, councils are now beginning to act on the need to allow more people to live closer to these areas. Therefore, the zoning in these areas is beginning to increase, allowing property owners to sub-divide their properties to a greater degree to fit more houses on blocks that may currently only have a single house.

In some cases owners are able to also consider building apartments on their block, which is made more profitable when neighbours band together and amalgamate their blocks together.

There are many blocks through Morley for example that may be able to be investigated in this way.

When it comes to the planning and design of new residential subdivisions in Perth Western Australia, it’s vital to get it right from the outset so that the your return on investment is maximised. Using an architect allows you to create the custom designs required to maximise your use of the block, while reflecting the planning provisions which control the way in which you develop your site. This puts you in the drivers seat when it comes to obtaining construction prices from builders - owners have a design that has been developed especially for their site, with no commitments made to a specific builder. You can therefore shop the design around and find the best builder for your job.

The groundwork that directly affects the success of your project is done at the very beginning of your project. EEKOS considers those aspects that may not be obvious from the outset, but which are fundamental to the success of your project. Such factors include:

  1. Factors affecting the marketability and saleability of your development need to be considered.

  2. Benchmarking the proposed housing product you’re creating to make sure it will be placed well to sell at the time it’s completed.

  3. Are you holding on to any of the properties you’re developing?

  4. Do you need to consider what the property will cost you to run during it’s lifetime? ie. In which ways can we create a design to reduce the amount you will spend on electricity for the heating and cooling of the building? We are seeing massive financial savings every year for the occupants of our designs vs ‘business as usual’ designs.

Sub-division projects are one of our specialities and we’d love the opportunity to discuss any project you’re considering. It’s important to get the design right and EEKOS is your first step.