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November 1, 2016





Co-Office Work[place Models : A unique response to workplace and office design, providing for highly productive, innovative and successful working environments.


Beyond the practice of delivering healthy workplace environments, some spaces and circumstances allow us to consider opportunities for integrating a framework for a Co-Office Workplace.


These spaces facilitate a reciprocal use of the amenities typically required by a business; toilets, copying facilities and tea prep areas are notorious for having high embodied energy values. If these can be shared then this lowers financial and environmental costs - the embodied energy required for office is dramatically reduced. 


As a result of providing shared-use business amenities such as photocopiers, meeting rooms, toilets and tea prep areas, etc., these spaces are rented out at a higher sqm rate, which also allows for occupation by more businesses per sqm in denser configurations.


It is a denser, 'Co-Office' tenancy strategy and design framework that can be incorporated in the workplace design which makes better use of gross floor area, increasing the area efficiency analysis and nett-lettable areas for your development. 


Interesting Example of 'Co-Working Spaces' in an online article published by The Harvard Business Review 


















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