Can I afford to build my own architecturally designed home ?

  • What are some of the things should you consider when thinking about building an architecturally designed home ?

  • What is your construction budget versus your overall project budget ? Does it include GST ? Does it allow for 'contingencies'?

  • What are your timeframes ?

  • How will you be financing the project ( keeping in mind that you may need to rent accommodation while your new home is being built ) ?

  • Think green and of the cost-savings that energy efficient design and systems can yield (pay-back periods are getting smaller and smaller now with more cost-effective technologies)

  • How do you want it to look and feel ?

  • How much room do you really need ?

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms?

  • Do you want a strong connection to the outdoors ?

  • Do you have any particular storage requirements ?

  • Futrure-proofing- do you need to consider upsizing / downsizing in the future ? Will you be changing it's uses or adapting to lifestyle changes in the future ?

  • Do you need to consider 'ageing in place' ?

  • What are the absolute must have versus 'nice-to-haves' ?

  • The selection of your block can have a big impact on the affordability of your home; where is it located ? What's it's orientation ?, Is there a significant slope on your block. what s the ground composed of ?

  • Have you seen any pictures, magazines, websites other homes you like ?

If you need help framing these responses up we would be happy to email you our template.

What service type do you need ?

Engaging an architect in a full service or partial service can assist in bringing down some of the documentation related costs involved in your project.

Full consultancy service are tailored to your project and take you from concept design all the way through documentation, council approvals, selection of finishes and fittings, administration during the construction , monitoring of the defects liability period, and processing builder payment claims, variation claims, information requests and monitors the builders performance against the contract. A registered architect works on your behalf throughout the design, approvals, construction and post-construction stages.

A partial service can help to bring documentation and administration fees down. We work with many clients who already have a good relationship with a builder, or who will be entering into a design and construct arrangement down the track. In these situations we provide a partial consultancy service which provides the main front-end design work, and enough documentation to effectively communicate the design and detailing to the nominated builder. However this arrangement may not suite everyone as a higher degree of responsibility and risk is put back on the owner, along with more time required to be the go-between during the later documentation, tender and construction stages.

For more reading follow the links below for some great resources on Architects and architecturally designing your home.