Sustainable Building Materials in Perth

The relationship between our built and natural environments has long been a primary focus for architects and designers. However in more recent times a greater effort to incorporate passive sustainable design principles into developments in Perth has brought a greater focus on the relationship between buildings and our environment.

With buildings accounting for nearly half of the energy consumption in Perth they undoubtedly play a major role in the environmental challenges facing us today and into the future. So the question at hand is how can we make our built environments more sustainable and ensure a more positive impact on our natural environment ?

One major factor is to consider what we are making our buildings from. In the past we have relied on materials made up of or using fossil-fuels their construction which dictates a high carbon footprint. If we are to consider the amount of energy taken to produce the materials we use in our buildings then we begin to understand the true repercussions of design and specification decisions.

Advancements in construction technologies has led to some incredibly lightweight durable products that can help produce more sustainable buildings.

There are a number of products on the market that we have come across in our work. Some of these are detailed below:

'Weathertex' timber weatherboards

This prefabricated, panel-type construction method that can be used for walls, floors and roofs. It its comprised insulation material sandwiched between two sheets of construction panel - typically timber. The timber panel can be dressed or painted to suit, or be substituted with steel sheet cladding or other materials.

For more information on this product head over to weathertex web page and discover what makes this material a favoured one amongst architects and designers.