SIP's in Perth

Structurally Insulated Panels, or more commonly known as SIP's, are seeing a major rise in their application within the domestic market. Complete flat-pack solutions are available for new homes and extensions. The range of pre-manufactured standard size panels are based on commonly used window and door opening sizes and allow for a decreased construction time, greater insulation properties and versatility in cladding options both internally and externally. A major setback to their use is the relatively high material cost, but this in most cases is offset entirely by the savings in labour costs, material waste and great reductions in construction time.

As easy as putting together typical timber construction, all connection details are standardised. Cladding is easy and making modifications to panels once on site is easy as well should the need to do so arise. Furthermore the prefabricated conduits in SIP's again is able to cut down works required for on-site work.