R-Codes Changes - What does this mean for the Future ?

ee'kos recently had the opportunity to look at what the changes to the Residential Planning Codes ('R'-Codes) have for a client of ours, primarily focusing on how the recent changes affects their R40 block in the northern suburbs.

There is a great proportion of land in Perth's metro area currently zoned higher than R30-Ro30, meaning 30 dweilling per hectare. Development of these blocks was previously limited to 'single' or 'grouped' dwellings, but now, in order to promote more diversity, affordability and flexibility, many of these blocks are now able to be considered for 'multiple dwelling' development which grealty increases the number of dwelling allowed on a block.

Although these changes could mean a windfall for developer, it brings into focus the density issue - are our suburbs ready for the results of more multiple apartment developments ?

Density around transport nodes and main vehicle corridors is a great thing, and its is good to see the changes are encouraging this. It is imperative however that an overall strategy for the precinct or neighbourhood is considered in order to ensure that we all places to rest, recreate, and to provide opportunities for us to simply interact with our neighbours. Retrofitting a 'place making' strategy to a neighbourhood is hard work - we need to make sure the principles of good places is intrinsic to these new developments.