High Density Residential Developments in Perth

Leederville Multiresidential Development- EE'KOS Architecture Design

Western Australian councils are actively promoting new ways of delivering high density residential developments in Perth and as such we are seeing greater interest from developers for site feasibility services.

The shift comes mainly from councils looking to increase sustainable housing development in Perth by increasing density codes in and around our town centres and train stations - factors which are making small and mid-sized developments more viable. The most prevalent projects making the most of these changes include:

Multiple-dwelling developments

These are low to mid-height apartment buildings and townhouse style developments.

Mixed-use developments

A combination of residential uses and either commercial, hospitality and/ or retail uses.

The above imagery was created very quickly in-house - our clients have found this a great tool in communicating the possibilities for a site in a very quick and cost-effective way.

It is important to invest in good design at this very early stage for the following reasons::

1. Allows you to take into consideration scenarios that may lead to a more marketable development which is easier and quicker to sell.

2. The valuable groundwork provided by investment in good design at the beginning allows you to refine you proposal, governing the efficient economic trajectory of your project.

3. It provides greater certainty as to the viability and the most suitable option for your development.

4. It provides greater clarity in the direction of the project and various staging and/ or procurement options.

5. Delivers efficiencies during the project procurement and marketing stages.

A typical service looking to establish the feasibility of your prospective development may include the following:

a. An overall concept design of the development reflecting local and statutory development guidelines

b. Concept design of apartment types and commercial/retail spaces based on our commercial experience and the input of your marketing and sales agent.

c. Area calculations of various components for use in your construction cost calculations.

d. 3D massing studies to provide a sense of bulk and scale.

e. Participate in conversations with council and town planners to determine development guidelines.

For more information on the future of high density within Perth's context check out this article from PerthNow that discusses the future of Perth and Urban Sprawl ; Future Perth: 900,000 new homes without the urban sprawl