A Prefab Future for Perth?

Prefabricated homes in Perth are nothing new. The post-war period in Australia saw prefabrication of homes off-site become a popular building method. In the decades that followed there was a significant drop-off in the quantity of homes being pre-fabricated and the options available. However within the past decade major shifts in the building industry, changes in economy, increasing energy costs and questions of environmental sustainability have forced us to rethink the way we design, build and ultimately live.

This shift has influenced the way we have come to view the prefabrication of buildings, in particular residential and multi-residential developments in Perth. One of the most appealing features of 'prefab' homes and developments is the increased efficiencies they can offer to projects of all sizes.

Faster construction times, reduced wastage, flexibility that conventional buildings find difficult to provide and an overall environmentally friendly construction process are just some of the benefits that "prefab" or modular housing solutions can provide.

However it is important to understand the factors that determine whether incorporating pre-fabrication will be beneficial to your project. For example, the actual construction cost of pre-fabrication is not typically cheaper than traditional, however the time-cost related savings possible in the construction process can be great.

We would be more than happy to discuss the benefits on your prospective project.

Here is a good example of how the prefabrication building process helped builder Craig Forster of Dream Homes WA .