Beautiful projects, delivered on time and on budget, come from understanding the design, approvals and building processes and the  feasibility of your ideas before you get started or sign contracts. 

Book in to meet with architects Michael and Anthony to gain an understanding of some of the decisions that can be made early on that can greatly impact the time and cost of your project.



A Studio Visit where you can meet 'one-on-one' with the architects at EEKOS will help you understand our services and the type of work we can do for you.


It gives you an initial insight in to what is required to plan and build your project. 

The Studio Visit can be a Zoom meeting if preferred.



You often hear that the best options for a project are sketched out during a site visit on the back of napkin before any serious work is done. While no napkins are involved, our Site Review helps you avoid project pitfalls and uncover opportunities.


A personal Site Review with the architects at EEKOS will enable you to understand the challenges and constraints facing your project and will give you a good foundation to proceed with your design work (regardless of which firm you decide to use for this).